Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Well it's Indepence Day and we are keeping life simple here in our home. Sarah is off visiting her mom, and won't return home until next Saturday.

I got snappers (those little rocks you throw and they pop on the ground), sparklers and a few other things for the girls to play with. All very safe and all very pretty to play with. Chris is doing well these days. He got to go to Kuwait City with a soldier, who had a dental appointment. He was served good coffee in a very nice china tea cup w/lumps of sugar and milk. He was very impressed.

Bud and David removed the wall in the foyer and we will start working on the dry wall for it on Monday. I also have a drywall lift coming that I ordered. I decided it was more prudent to purchase a lift than to keep renting. After all the rooms we would finish, it would mean that we spent more in rental fees than to just buy one outright. Soon, the foyer will be done, then on to the bathroom where we will replace the wall surrounding the tub, finish up the last of the electrical work, and move the vent for the a/c and heat. At this point it is over the tub, which makes for a very cool breeze in the tub. I am very excited to get this done. Sadly, in order to finish what we need to finish, it means we will postpone our trip to Idaho, possibly until Chris returns home. A lot depends on how much I can stash in savings and on how much progress we make on the house.

So my plans for the day . . .to do nothing. I am staying home w/the girls and letting Damion take the car to work. Sadly, it would be safer there than it will be in our own driveway. We have little punks who blew out the back windshield last year on the 4th and almost harmed Sarah.

I hope you all have a marvelous day and a safe weekend. Be careful and enjoy.

Love in Christ,

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