Monday, July 27, 2009

The Stairwell - a work in progress

This is the wall of my stairwell right now. I have no walls and I love it. I will gladly live w/o walls if it means that we are getting closer to finishing the house. I am still working on the dining room a bit. I have some humps to work out on the walls and the ceiling, so I plan to tackle that tomorrow. Of course, this is what I have been saying since last few weeks and I keep getting so busy I don't get to it.
Okay the truth is, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Overwhelmed by all of this, I hit a depressive cycle, however, I have taken up walking and it seems to be improving my mental state and my disposition all the way around. So I am packing up stuff and finding out what I want to give away and disposing of it as it all arises. Sarah has also tackled her room and it looks much better. Thank you, Lord. I did a mild cleaning out of her room whilst she visited her mother, and she wasn't happy with the results, so she actually tackled her room so that I wouldn't clean it anymore.
I hope you all have a good week.
Love and Prayers,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sarah has returned

Sarah made it home safe and w/o major incident today. Her flight was only mildly delayed, so that was nice. Kate or Kate's parents purchased her a new bag so she could carry everything home. LOL! This is huge bag! I'd had her pack light, and her bag was light when she left because she carried a lot in her arms! Let's just say that bag was anything but light.

She was attempting to tell me this evening though that I could allow Elizabeth fly alone, because she was griping about needing to see Grandma Mary. I know she misses her, and vice versa, but I also pointed out that Lizzie hadn't even had a summer visit at all ever w/o someone else there. So she tried to tell me that at aged 7 yrs old and with special needs, I could put my baby on a plane. Only a teenager or an adult w/o children would think that was even a possibility. Like I wouldn't have an anxiety attack before she even got on the plane, much less on a plane by herself. LOL! Maybe I am just a worry wart.

Oh and Beka enjoys now saying, "How about . . . how about popcorn?"

But this conversation made me laugh the hardest today. I had explained to Sarah that if she did a good job on chores, watched her mouth, tone and all around sorry attitude that she could earn her room back. So in the car on the way home she pipes up an asks me, "If I wore a pink shirt would that help me get my room back faster?" I started laughing! Of course, I explained that no, it wouldn't, so she asked if did would I consider it. So I teased her "Only if you wore them everyday for 6 months." Her head would explode before that 6 months was over! LOL! But you have to give the girl props for asking, it was a valid to question it. She explained that she thought I preferred her to wear pink and dresses. Dresses more often, yes, especially to church, but it isn't a deal breaker for me. In truth, I don't care if she hates pink or loves it, it's her attitude about it and towards people who purchase it that I have an issue with.

Well I need to head to bed. Have a good week everyone.

Love in Christ,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

House update

Today, we taped the second layer of tape in the corners and Bud rewired the porch light. Oh, and I took Lizzie w/me to Home Depot so I could purchase a new porch light. The old one must be an original with the house, because it disintergrated while Bud was taking it down. LOL! It weighed a ton! I had to laugh, because this occurred after Bud cleaned out the glass bowl that went to the original fixture and surprise it was clear! We had a good chuckle about that.

I have also sadly come to a realization - we will absolutely not be able to make it Idaho until later. The amount I have in savings isn't the amount of cushion we need for life's little emergencies - such as stitches, cars that break down or other emergencies that could possibly arise. So while it means I don't have to scramble around to get things in place, I am disappointed because I needed this trip and so did our girls. Lizzie talked about going to see Grandma and Grandpa in the mountains for months and now we will more than likely end up waiting until Chris returns home before we go up now. It's $1600 for airline tickets for us four over Christmas, so unless the rate suddenly drops or they create baby valium, I am not sure if we will make it up there. I could drive, but I am not a masochist or suicidal! The mountains in winter with three kids?! No thank you, you could just lock me up in the looney bin because to do that I would have to be insane.

Despite all of these things though, I think we are in fairly good spirits. The little girls are happy to be at home and playing on their swing set and running around since the heat broke a few weeks ago. I may even be able to get Boo back on a good schedule so she'll be ready for the school schedule when Lizzie goes back on it. Lizzie on the other hand enjoys staying up until 11:30 p.m. and she's showing signs of it, in the circle under her eyes. She and Beka are watching some Eloise cartoons we have on our Netflix Instant play list. This is a life saver and a nice change - plus you can't beat cheaper.

Well, I must get down to some business of getting monkey's to head towards bed. I hope you all have a good week.

In Christ,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Well it's Indepence Day and we are keeping life simple here in our home. Sarah is off visiting her mom, and won't return home until next Saturday.

I got snappers (those little rocks you throw and they pop on the ground), sparklers and a few other things for the girls to play with. All very safe and all very pretty to play with. Chris is doing well these days. He got to go to Kuwait City with a soldier, who had a dental appointment. He was served good coffee in a very nice china tea cup w/lumps of sugar and milk. He was very impressed.

Bud and David removed the wall in the foyer and we will start working on the dry wall for it on Monday. I also have a drywall lift coming that I ordered. I decided it was more prudent to purchase a lift than to keep renting. After all the rooms we would finish, it would mean that we spent more in rental fees than to just buy one outright. Soon, the foyer will be done, then on to the bathroom where we will replace the wall surrounding the tub, finish up the last of the electrical work, and move the vent for the a/c and heat. At this point it is over the tub, which makes for a very cool breeze in the tub. I am very excited to get this done. Sadly, in order to finish what we need to finish, it means we will postpone our trip to Idaho, possibly until Chris returns home. A lot depends on how much I can stash in savings and on how much progress we make on the house.

So my plans for the day . . .to do nothing. I am staying home w/the girls and letting Damion take the car to work. Sadly, it would be safer there than it will be in our own driveway. We have little punks who blew out the back windshield last year on the 4th and almost harmed Sarah.

I hope you all have a marvelous day and a safe weekend. Be careful and enjoy.

Love in Christ,