Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photos from Beka's 2 yr photos

Rebekah Two Years Old! Can you believe it?

These are Beka's 2 yr photos. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do. This one is so Beka.

If you know Beka, you know this is a perfect photo of her. She loves the phone. I love that we captured this on film.

In case you are wondering, this is how she truly is, most of the time. She is a pretty smiley happy girl.

This is Beka's Easter dress. She looks so pretty in it. I love it. I love her cheeky grin.

The day after her birthday we took these photos. She had a nominally good time. I think she is just two and too busy to care, but at least we have them saved for posterity.

Things are okay here. We are sending Sarah to see her mom on June 15th and then when she gets back we will head up to Idaho. I know the girls are looking forward to going and I know Mary and Ted are looking forward to us arriving. We will fly up but mosey back, so we can see Mt. Rushmore.

The summer has been good so far. Lizzie finished off the year in good form and Sarah finished on the honor roll!
JUNE 18, 2009
Okay, it is now June and I am shamefully behind in keeping up with this blog. My apologies.
Sarah is off visiting her mom, Kate and she should return July 10th or 11th. We drove up to Iowa June 14th in an attempt to miss the storms that were supposed to come through. We made it as far as Kansas City, KS when we had to stop because the little girls were too tired to keep going.
We had a good time in Kansas City, that night. It was cute, the girls caught a case of the galloping giggles. Lizzie started giggling first, then Sarah started (Beka was sacked out and didn't join in the fun), then I caught them, but had to struggle to keep my chuckling quiet. I kept trying so hard to tell them to be quiet, because it was after 12:30 a.m. and we needed to be sure that the people next to us would have plenty of quiet so they could sleep. And they would get quiet, then it would start all over again. It was hilarious and cute, and I was quietly joining them the entire time and loving it. This is the stuff that memories are made of, that and when Sarah and Lizzie and Beka are upstairs playing nicely and I can hear them giggling with each other. Those are the moments that I carry with me in my heart and memory.
I woke up to booming thunder though at 5:30 a.m. and couldn't go to sleep again. So I used it as an opportunity to run to Walgreens and pick up underwear (did I mention that we packed in a rush and I packed underpants to everyone but me! LOL!) and socks, filled up the gas tank and checked out the continental breakfast, which was nothing but carbs. And finally I crawled back into bed and fell back to sleep. The girls slept until 9 a.m. and then we got ready and headed out for the last of our trip.
We arrived safe and without incident in Iowa late afternoon and ate dinner with Kate, Tristan, Summer and Kate's friend Brandy's daughter, Serena at Bennigans at the hotel and took the kids swimming. Sadly, our fun ended there because Tristan hit a slick spot and slammed his mouth into the concrete and had to go the Emergency Room and will have to wear dentures for the rest of his life because he ruined his permanent teeth. So I kept the kids with me and we attempted w/o success to find something the kids could watch until Jordan came and picked up the remaining children. After they left, I put Lizzie and Beka to bed and we all crashed and burned until around 8:30 a.m. and I loaded up the car and checked us out and we said our goodbyes to Kate and Tristan and headed home. We made it in one trip this time and met Mom and Bud for dinner. Bud had just returned from Ohio for his annual summer visit and family reunion. Then we all went home and went to bed and slept like the dead. Beka didn't even make it home before she fell asleep on me.
So that was my adventure and the reason I am purchasing Sarah a one way ticket home so we don't have to worry about traveling since we leave July 15th/16th for Idaho to see Mary and Ted. I am going to try to sleep a lot during the day we leave and attempt to make the majority of the trip in one night I think so we can travel whilst it is cool in the evening. I am not encouraged by our already triple digit heat that our traveling in the daytime will be cool. I am going to play it by ear and we will see.
Chris is doing well. We get to hear from him at least every other day so far. We chat online with the webcam or over the phone. The girls miss him like crazy and he misses them too.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers, because whilst it is easy for someone not in the middle of this to forget and go on, this one is with us until the day he comes home. It really is a lot like grieving a loved one who has passed on, it never ends, and even when it does, it starts over again, and most civilians (not all, just most) don't get it, so they go on about their lives and expect that it's the same for those of us with loved ones serving. I am not complaining, just pointing it out that we don't move on, because we live with it everyday and even when he is home we wait for him to be called up again. So in many ways, losing Dad as a little girl and moving and learning to say goodbye is a good thing, because it prepared me in many ways to say the hard goodbyes and to learn to keep moving forward. It taught me to live with long term issues, like deployments and special needs kids and loving people through the grief process while they learn to adjust to their new normal.
Also, Chris was laid off from Cessna. When he gets home he has 90 days plus an additional 60 days of work then it's on unemployment. So he is most likely going active duty and we are moving. We don't know were we are moving, but unless there is a huge miracle and this economic depression ends tomorrow, we are moving and going into active duty service for our country. In many ways this is a blessing for us, because at least we have a fall back plan, so many others aren't that fortunate and they are worried. We will continue to pray for all of those affected by this economy and those who have lost so much and those facing losing everything they thought were important.
Love and Prayers,

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