Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photos from today and the month of April 2009

Today was a good day for Beka. She turned the big 2 years old! So we woke up and sang her the Happy Birthday song.

Rebekah bright eyed and bushytailed - if you look in the background, you can see that Lizzie is still sleeping.

Here is Elizabeth still sleepy and not willing to get up for school this morning. She did finally get up and headed off to school on her bus.
After getting Lizzie on the bus, I chatted with Sheri, who thought it would be a good idea to take the kids out for a walk. Now in her defense, she was attempting to let her husband get some sleep, because he needed it. By the time she headed down to my house, the clouds looked a little ominous, but she assured me that Noooooooo, it wasn't going to rain! LOL, the joke was on us, because we got a further from home and the thunder began to rumble. She kept assuring me, it was only little thunder, not big thunder. Okay I'm going to call it like I see it, THUNDER IS THUNDER! LOL! She is such a nut! To make a long story short, we got a mile from home and I finally convinced her that we needed to head back home, since the little thunder was getting closer together. As in, it was only a minute or so apart. And by the time we arrived at our own homes, we were wet. Of course, Damion had risen by then, and he couldn't help but tease her a bit about how it was raining.
So then Sheri and I took Beka to Olive Garden for lunch - her choice. We asked her what she wanted and she picked noodles, oh and her new favorite song, playing several times over. Beka loves the Mama Mia soundtrack and her favorite song is "Honey, Honey." She loves this song so much that even Elizabeth who can usually listen to anything repetitive without blinking is protesting when she hears the song. So that tells you how much we have listened to "Honey, Honey."
After a lovely lunch, I took her for a small drive to help her fall asleep, because she started getting cranky at the restaraunt. Of course, she finally did sleep a little bit, but then Chris text messaged me and so I hurried home so we could chat. Of course, upon hearing Daddy's voice, she sat up and started jabbering and never resumed her nap. Ironically, she stayed awake until 9:45 p.m.
Oh yes, while Chris and I were chatting the mail woman came with a certified letter from Cessna. Now if any of you are following the news, you know that Cessna had already laid off 2600 earlier this year, and had extended furloughs because of lack of work. So this letter wasn't a job offer. It was in fact, a lay off letter. However, they can't take him off the books until he comes home, so that will help us a bit.
Originally I had intended to not say anything to the girls, but I decided to explain to them, so they wouldn't get suspicious when we cut back on eating out and other things. I know we have a steady check right now, but until we are positive what Chris is going to be doing once he returns, I plan to put as much into savings whilst he is gone as I possibly can. But this is for another post.
Back to our birthday girl and her day.

Here is Beka in her stroller and a diaper, heading to Aunt Sheri's to eat birthday cake. Sheri's sister Heather Nichols works at Dillons in the bakery and decorates cakes.
She does an amazing job and I think you'll agree when you see her handy work - by the way if you live in Wichita and need a cake, she's at 31st and Seneca Dillon's.
Here is Lizzie and Grandpa Bud as they heading down to Sheri's and below are all three girls. Sarah is in her orchestra uniform, because she had her concert this evening. The last time, she's play a concert at Mayberry Middle School and for Mrs. Stone. It's a little sad, but neat as well, as she heads into a new adventure of homeschooling and playing orchestra in high school.

This is Beka's own personal cake that Heather made for her. She made a half ball and covered it in white icing, then she put red colored fondant over it so she could shape Bob's nose and eyes, etc. . . It came out very nicely, but didn't peel off very well, as you'll see in a different picture.
The picture below is what she did with the cupcakes she put together. Yes that is Bob and Larry and she did that from cupcakes. It was very tasty and the strawberry cake tasted wonderful.

The picture above is Bob turned inside out - sorry if anyone is grossed out. It was actually pretty good, but we peeled it off to make it easier for Beka to eat.
Below is Aunt Sheri giving Beka a cupcake, because she wouldn't touch the cake after we took Bob's skin off. I think it kind of messed with her a bit. That or maybe it was the lack of icing. Who knows, she also the kid that will eat french fries, but not mashed potatoes, so go figure.

Here is Grandpa enjoying the festivities. And below is Saidra and Chase Trotter, the kids enjoyed the cake a lot.
Below are (from left to right) Hunter, Jonas, Kiernan and Saidra Trotter - and Chase is in the corner almost in the photo but not completely.
Here are Elizabeth, Hunter and Jonas Trotter waiting for cupcakes.

Here is Beka with Sarah. Oh and I see I got a photo with her diaper. You see, once we arrived at Sheri and Damion's house, the birthday girl stripped off her diaper and so she was literally in her birthday suit! We all had a good laugh over that one.
Below is Beka enjoying the icing and that is Damion in the left corner. I will attempt to get a better photo of him when possible.

Below is Sarah outside, Mayberry Middle School, Fine Arts Magnet. This is just prior to the beginning of her final concert as an 8th grader. By the way, her class of 7th and 8th grade Strings kids when to Strings Festival and got all 1's, which is like getting all A's. They did an amazing job at the concert. In fact, a week prior to this past Tuesday, Mrs. Stone decided they should end the concert with William Tell's Overture and they tackled it beautifully. They should all be very proud of their hard work. Especially, Sarah who has come a long way in the last three years.

Now we'll move on to the rest of the month of April 2009.

Here is Beka, sleeping, I believe she has fallen asleep for the night before I moved her upstairs into her crib. Oh yes, April was a big month for Beka, Daddy came home April 1st and left April 5th before he finally deployed to Kuwait April 11th. She discovered how to crawl out of her crib right before he came home, so we took the siderail down and turned it into a toddler bed to keep her safe and then I transistioned her into a big girl bed. She is now the big girl sleeping on the trundle bed from the captain's beds we purchase for her and for Elizabeth (yes we attempted to purchase a bunk bed, but that's another story for another blog entry). And she turned two years old! I think she's had an eventful month to say the least.

Both of these were taken at Pizza Hut Bistro, shortly after Daddy came home for his last visit before leaving for Kuwait.

Yes, I actually found her asleep like this! It was too cute to not capture with the camera.

Sarah lounging around - and yes she was having a bad day that day. As if there was any question about it.

Here is Mom with Elizabeth at Bella Luna Cafe on April 4, 2009 the night before Chris flew back to Indiana.

Below is Sarah playing with her digital camera that she received for her birthday from her mom. She loves this gift and attempts to use it as often as she remembers.

This is Olivia and Ally Anderson from around the corner. They came over and played for a while, then watched a movie with us and had popcorn.

Last, but not least this is Kim Isherwood from Parents as Teachers with Beka reading Beka's book Mother Goose with pictures by Mary Englebreit (sp?). Parents as Teachers does in home visits for 36 months and teaches parents how to play with their children to encourage them to meet developmental milestones, they also screen children to ensure that they are not in need of special needs services, like Rainbows or Early Childhood Interventions like Elizabeth received by attending Little Early Childhood School. In fact, they help with the Screen for Success program and that is how we ended discovering that she needed further testing and it got the ball rolling for us. Anyway, Kim is great and Beka loved sitting on her lap and reading for a while . . . a very short while (like maybe a minute). She is so busy she barely sits down to read.
I hope you all have a great weekend. We go to get photos taken of Beka tomorrow for her two year photos.
Love In Christ,

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