Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forgive the delay

Greetings Friends and Family! I am sorry for taking so long to add a new post. Things became a little crazy around here for a while.

Let's see, what has been going on? Hmmm. Well the dining room is still a glorious mess, but as happens with many things, life got in the way of us having a lot of progress.
Sarah left March 13th to visit her mom, Kate in Iowa. She seemed okay leaving, but came home sick. As where Lizzie and Beka throughout Spring Break. I felt bad, because it meant that Sarah did not enjoy her flight home. Anyway, she spent most of Spring Break throwing a pity party for herself and pulling junk with her mom she knows she can't pull here. We will deal with that shortly this summer when she goes to visit.

Beka spent all of Spring Break sick, so we had to visit with Dr. Harrington, who was on vacation - so we saw another doctor, Dr. Orth - Balmaan I think was her name. We've seen her before and she is nice just like Dr. Harrington. She put Beka on some antibiotics and told me that she had the flu bug going around that looked like allergies, but was in reality the flu and to keep a close eye on her because a lot of toddlers were ending up in the hospital with pneumonia.

So we lost most of the week of Spring Break due to illness. Then life happened, the girls went back to school, and I had errands to run and things to do, and Bud had to go on a cruise, because if he didn't Mindy wouldn't be able to spend time with her Aunt Theresa. She is very nice by the way, I am glad they were able to see her and spend time with her. Mom was able to go on the cruise with them, and she got to see the Bahamas and had a good time.

Chris returned home for a few days at the beginning of April for his 4 day pass prior to shipping out to Kuwait/Iraq. That means that whilst he is stationed in Kuwait, he travels in and out of Iraq. Anyway, we had his ticket purchased and everything and the night before he was scheduled to fly in, he surprised me by arriving early. He was due in Thursday evening April 2nd, but they released them early, so he paid the extra money and caught an earlier flight and got Sheri in on his scheme. He even gave her the stories to tell me so I wouldn't catch on. So Wednesday evening around 10:30 p.m in walks Sheri (who had asked to borrow my van to pick up her husband who was supposedly sick) with my husband instead. She'd picked him up at the airport - but not before he became impatient and rented a car. That set us back a little, between what I had planned for him, it put us over the edge.

Anyway, it was good to have him home, we spoiled him and he took care of a few things like taking the guard rail down on Beka's crib. The stinker had begun trying to climb out of her crib and kept falling. I feared she would finally crack her skull open onthe chest of drawers next to her bed. Anyway, we are going to disassemble it tomorrow and take it to the church so they can get some good use out of it. Then I am going to put her in the trundle bed so she will be a big girl AND so they have more playing space in their room.

Chris left again, on Sunday April 5th, which stunk, but was an evil necessity. They didn't fly out again until Saturday April 11th and arrived safe and sound in Kuwait midnight the next day. So now we are playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear from him again, waiting for time to go by; waiting, waiting . . . waiting for the other part of our family to return home. Wait and Wonder, and trust in God to keep Chris safe and sound.

My friend Sheri's friend Nancy explained it to her like this (Nancy is an Army wife) . . .when your spouse is deployed it's like being a widow. You are the one who takes care of everything. You are father, mother, fixer of sinks, and all the other jobs that your spouse usually helps you do. I think that is accurate to a degree, because the process is like the grief process, but with time and practice, you learn to navigate it. You learn to not think of all the terrible things that could go wrong or happen to your spouse. You learn to shake off the thoughts, of "This is what it would be like if Chris didn't come home" when they creap up on you. You learn to tell people who aren't nice where they can go, what bus to take, and exactly what to expect when they arrive at their hellish destination, because they mess with your kids. You also learn to not wait for your spouse to come home to do things. You learn to not live in limbo, but to continue with life and pray for your soldier to come home safe, in mind and in body as well as safe spiritually.

Well I hope you all have a good week. Take care and I promise I will try to update this more often since I have a functioning laptop.

In Christ,

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