Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photos from the Nebraska trip

Beka all crashed out at our hotel in Nebraska. Oh and there is Sofie curled up with her.
Beka at the breakfast table one morning. She really enjoyed being with her Daddy. She is looking forward to seeing him in April. Chris will be home April 2nd - until the morning of April 5th in the early morning.
Beka and Sarah enjoying some tv and snuggle time with Daddy. I think this was Sunday night after he'd been released for Monday and part of Tuesday. I think it's funny that their idea of a 4 day pass was not my idea of a pass. However, having said that, he will be with us for three days without any military obligations. It will be nice to see him and then off he goes for 10 months. While it seems interminable right now, it is going a little faster than I thought it would.

Okay this isn't Nebraska - this was actually this past week. The box Beka is sitting in is one of the many boxes I used to pack up the dining room. As I write this blog my dining room is a gloriously, beautiful mess right now. There is plaster and lath everywhere and some of that insanely old insulation. While I look forward to when it is all swept up, I also love that it is on the floor as opposed to my walls. With time and energy, the dining room will look wonderful. I am so grateful to everyone who is going to help and who has volunteered to come and give their time and energy to help me get this house in better and legal shape.
Thank you everyone who has helped manually and for those of you who are helping by praying.
Have a blessed and great week.
Maureen Koeppel