Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Nebraska and Back

Greetings everyone. It has been a few weeks since I updated this. Sorry, but it got a little busy and nuts.

Our trip to Nebraska went pretty well - we started off Thursday evening with Elizabeth and Rebekah coming down sick with a tummy bug! Lizzie got sick around 9 p.m and Beka followed up between midnight and one a.m. It made for an intersting trip - on a positive note though, it gave me an additional excuse to take the car seat apart and clean it thoroughly (Thank you honey for cleaning the plastic part).

We arrived in Nebraska about 5 pm on Friday evening and stopped and unloaded the bags from the minivan and got settled into the hotel and I went to go pick up Chris. Sarah and the little girls stayed at the hotel so they could run a bit and get some of the ants out of their pants. Then we went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. Beka crashed and burned on Chris during dinner - it was very sweet. Then I spent Saturday morning with Chris and Beka at the Holiday Inn listening to important information about deployment, our benefits, and our rights, etc . . . and Chris performed a wedding Saturday afternoon and we went to lunch and spent the evening together.
Sadly, Sarah started feeling awful after lunch and ended with round two of the stomach flu. I had been sick the Saturday before and she became ill the next day after I did. So I was a mildly surprised when she became sick again with it this past weekend in Nebraska. Poor girl - she spent most of Sunday sick as a dog.
Elizabeth and I were on TV Sunday evening on Lincoln's Channel 3 news station. Lizzie was very adorable - she was on there talking about missing her Daddy and they talked about the fact that two days after we renewed our wedding vows in August, Chris received word that he would be deployed. She was cute and she loved that we got to spend all day Monday with Daddy.
So Tuesday morning we checked out and had our pictures taken at Portrait Innovations (that is one of the pictures at the top from the sitting). We had a family photo done and some of the girls together and Sarah and Elizabeth taken each by themselves. I will take Beka later for her two year photos after her birthday.
I will post the pictures soon.
All in all - it was a nice weekend, but a very LONG trip home. I will probably be recovering for days from it, but it was nice to see Chris.
I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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