Monday, February 23, 2009

The Girls

This is Sarah's 14 yr. photograph. And you will all be happy to know that she has decided to use this special shampoo to help take the hair color out of her hair and go back to her original color. I was thrilled to hear this, since she has seemed very cranky and moody and I was beginning to wonder if the hair dye had finally seeped into her brain and affected her (Just Kidding).

I know a lot of why she is being this way is due to her seeing Chris and then having to say goodbye. It didn't help that she ended up sick on Saturday and Sunday with a second round of the stomach flu. I felt so badly for her - she wanted to be with us, but she was too busy throwing up to come. She missed the Farewell Ceremony on Sunday and of course, by the time she felt well enough to do anything, we were in for the night. So she was very disappointed. Honestly, I hope her going to see the new therapist I found for her helps - she has a lot to deal with and I am too emotionally involved to give her the help she needs. All I can do is love her through it all and hope and pray it is enough. So please keep her in your prayers. First, that she is able to get help from seeing this new therapist. Second, that she lives to see Chris come home, because she's been very lippy lately. And finally, that God will assuage her fears about Chris coming home dead. This is a very huge fear of hers. So please keep it in your prayers.

Lizzie is seen here in her 7 year photograph. We did our family photos in Nebraska and so I had them just get Sarah and Lizzie's yearly photographs done. So far, Elizabeth seems to be doing the best out of all three girls. Maybe because she is very attached to me, or maybe her PDD-NOS prevents her from feeling the same fear that Sarah does - I don't know. But she is adapting well and seems to have no negative side effects, other than the occassional informing one of us that she misses Daddy. I try to use that time to talk to her about Daddy and I make it a point to let her talk to Chris when he calls so she can hear his voice.
I have decided that for Elizabeth that I am going to begin to homeschool her in either third of fourth grade (I am still praying out it). I just know that I don't want her peers to crush her spirit and cause her anymore harm than necessary. Honestly, I would have homeschooled Sarah sooner, but when she began middle school we were still sharing custody with Kate. Then once she had started, she was attached to her friends, so I couldn't bear to make myself withdrawal her. In hindsight, I am not sure if it was the best choice, but it is the one I made and I will take things as they come at me and one day at a time.
Back to Elizabeth, my friend Sheri found a great school program called Switched On Schoolhouse and it is mainly computer work and you can supplement. I have been reading and researching and they have discovered that children with ADD and ASD and Autism tend to do better with computer aided learning, so this would work for her very well.
Keep Lizzie in your prayers, too. Pray that she is able to handle this deployment better. Pray that she thrives in school and that the other children can't tear her down. Pray that I am able to be the mom she needs while Chris is away.
Last, but definitely not the least this is Beka at 1 year. Those of you who have seen her recently know that a) she has a lot more teeth and b) she isn't the same chubby little baby. She looks like a toddler (sniffle, sniffle). She is getting so big! It is hard to believe she is going to be two at the end of April.
She seems to be handling our return from Nebraska okay. She enjoyed getting to see Daddy and we are working at settling into a routine. I am singing with her and teaching her new songs and we are working on learning our body parts; she already knows belly button (courtesy of Veggie Tales, Boys in the Sink's Bellybutton song), her head and nose from the "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" song. We sing that song a lot - oh and some of the songs she loves off of a cd I purchased by Sharon, Lois, and Bram. She and Lizzie love that cd - Sarah could probably live without it, so it makes for interesting car trips. One teen and two younger girls who like very different music! LOL! And then there is me, attempting to maintain my sanity.
Our dog, Sofie, is currently at the vet being treated for heartworms. I should be able to go pick her up tomorrow afternoon. At this point, even if I thought about getting rid of her, I would not return her to Tracy and David - they didn't take good care of her while they had her. I would find her a good home with nice people. Although, any dog that stays with me when I am sick and refuses to leave my side, isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.
Well I will let you all go, I hope you have a good week. God Bless.

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