Monday, January 5, 2009

Photos from December and Christmas Break

This was our month of December. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.
Sarah, doing the Cheesy-Cheesin Dance as she calls it. Of course, there little round white ball is our beautiful Sofie. Her favorite place to sleep is the couch. She is getting nice and filled out.

"You don't say?!" I love this pictures of Beka in early December 2008 - you can tell it's early, because if you look in the background the living room is unpainted.

Here are Beka, Saidra & Keirnan Trotter coloring in Christmas coloring books. Saidra and Kiernan are the daughters of my good friend Sheri Trotter. They moved just up the street from us in early December which actually makes Chris feel a lot better about going overseas because he knows there is guy he trusts nearby. And Damion promised he'd come over if I thought I heard an intruder! I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into. I tend to be extra paranoid when Chris isn't home.

Here is Lizzie waiting in early December for her bus. She loves having her pictures taken right now - it's a shame it doesn't last.

Lizzie here getting ready for Christmas. We started celebrating a little early this year (Nov. 30th) and put the tree up early so Daddy could be home to help us decorate it. The true irony in that is that Sarah ended decorating the tree with the lights. She did a great job. We started with Christmas videos from Netflix and popcorn and spending time singing Christmas songs and having a good time.
Lizzie right before school - showing off the headbands I purchased for the girls at the Dollar Tree.
Here is Beka showing off her headband and eating lunch. She enjoyed the headbands almost as much as Lizzie did.

Beka and Lizzie playing around on the couch. Early December 2008.

Beka, crashed and burned on Chris. This is late December/early January 2009. Eitherway, it looked to precious to miss. And last but not least, here is Chris with Sarah and Bekaboo. This was in mid December 2008. The girls were excited to see Daddy and we had a good Christmas. It was crazy busy, but good. Poor Chris, came back with pneumonia from Nebraska.

The good news about that though, is that the Army has put it in his file that he is no longer to receive the flu shot. I hope you all have a good week.
Love In Christ,

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