Monday, January 19, 2009

A Note of Triumph!

This is Lizzie on Mother's Day 2007 shortly after Rebekah was born. She loves this dress and I have to hide it from her so Beka can wear it someday.

We have made a huge breakthrough. After spending several weeks at home with Chris who has backed me up very well. Lizzie has begun to eat what I put in front of her. She balked a lot when Chris insisted that she had to eat her food. So I can't take any credit for this - he did it, he was more stubborn than she was and it worked. She is now eating her veggies and what I put in front of her. I told her tonight that she had eat her veggies and that she was going to eat spaghetti with the sauce. And she did. Thank you Chris! You are my hero.

Speaking of Chris, he arrived in California safe and sound and we were both pleasantly surprised to discover that he had cell service. He was there a few years ago and he couldn't get a signal, so this was nice. He even sent me a text message this morning to tell me Happy Anniversary. We've been married 8 years today. I thought I might be a little blue, but really we celebrated with a date the night before he left and we really celebrated in August when we renewed our wedding vows. So I'm okay with him missing this one, plus it isn't our ten year anniversary and I was able to prepare for this deployment mentally for a year or so before it happened. We also know that this is probably not the last deployment we are going to face. We've discussed that at length and I knew this was possible.

On a very positive note - Sarah has a 4.0 grade point average. She is doing very well and has really blossomed and is growing into herself. She is no longer as concerned with what the other kids think of her, she isn't completely comfortable in her own skin, but she is getting there. I am so insanely proud of her. She is growing into such a wonderful young woman.

I hope you all have a good week.

In Christ,

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