Friday, January 9, 2009

It goes so fast

We are at one week from when we say goodbye to Chris. While we are fairly certain it isn't goodbye forever, it is tough to say see you later just the same. Chris finished his last day of work last night and came home at lunch. They wouldn't let him cash in his vacation at work after he goes on orders, so he decided to go ahead and use it now. The girls are happy that they will get to spend time with him before he goes.

On a happy note, this means we get to spend the next week with him. It also means it may be that much harder for him to go. He's been spending lots of time with Beka so she won't forget him - either way it will be difficult for her. She loves her Daddy so much and she smiles whenever he is around (okay and when she isn't in the middle of a temper tantrum. She is so hitting her two's right now).

Beka is growing so tall now. And while she may be taller than Lizzie was at her age - her hair is shorter and lacking as well. I have to laugh at how similar they look but how different they are at the same time. It is amusing, amazing, and wonderful to watch. Lizzie really is very good with Beka - she is incredibly patient with her. Although, Beka hates to be ignored - and is quite good at making her voice heard when she thinks you aren't paying enough attention to her.

I have plans for Sarah to go with Chris tomorrow and get in some quality time before he goes. She hasn't complained about anymore nightmares, but she may just not have mentioned them, or it is very possible I just forgot that she's told me. I think she is looking forward to him getting back.

Okay I have made a decision about school for Sarah. I have discovered that I can still allow her to attend courses at North High (such as JROTC and Orchestar) and be homeschool. I also think that she is incredibly bright and needs a challenge. And as much as she has her heart set on the idea of attending public high school - she has also thrilled at the idea that just because she doesn't attend there full time, it doesn't mean she won't be there. First for classes, but also so she can go and see her friends. I promised her that she can go up sometimes during lunch and visit with her friends. I also plan to go this week and talk to the school to find out what I need to do to get her enrolled for ROTC and orchestra next year. I think it will be good to keep us both busy and it will also allow some freedom in how quickly or slowly we take each subject. I have visited with several women who homeschool and have some good ideas about curriculum and what direction I'd like to take with her. I think it will be good for her and allow her to exercise her muscles.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

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