Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year!

No I am not going astrological on you all. However, I live in a culturally diverse neighborhood. I live on the same block with Mexicans, Vietnamese, Colombians, and of course, my fellow native born Americans. Today is Tet, the Asian New Year and my neighbors from across the street who are very nice and have embraced Elizabeth and Beka, brought us some lucky money. I knew Tet was coming, but I can never keep it straight. I had planned to make them something like brownies or cookies, but honestly, with the crazy things happening here at home (Chris deploying, etc. . .) I forgot. So I was happy that I had some brownie mix in the pantry that I purchased on sale at the Commissary, so I was able to take a pan of brownies over to their home and wish them a Happy Tet.

It also got me to thinking. How even though I do not have a call to go to Africa or India (like my Aunt Chris and Uncle Frank) I do feel that I have a mission field here. God has been placing people in my path who I have opportunities to share about God with. It is scary and incredibly daunting. I am never sure what to say, but it's amazing how He always gives us the right words at the right moment when we need them. But realizing that God had answered my prayers that he would show me how I can help Him further the Kingdom, was a very cool realization for me. Why is it that I always have these great insights after Chris gets deployed? That is meant rhetorically, but it's a valid question nevertheless.

As I write about these enjoyable events, I also am listening to Sarah, Lizzie, and Brayden play Candy Land. Beka is watching a Veggie Tale video and I am about to play referee! LOL! The joys of a busy and yet cool household. I can honestly say that it has been a good week so far. Granted it is only Monday, but it really tends to start for me much earlier.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and your support. It is making this deployment much easier. I hope you all enjoy your week and have a Happy Tet.

Love In Christ,

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