Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally, this photo was supposed to last, here is Sarah being tortured by Lisa as she gets her hair done for the wedding. Beka was obviously sliding off of Sarah's lap but honestly, the little girls got off the easiest because they didn't need a lot done to their hair.

Okay there is no rhyme or reason to the order of these photos, I just kind of randomly chose them. So here is goes.

On top is Sarah December 2000 - her first visit to Wichita and the first Christmas of many we got to see her.

Below is Chris, Beka, and myself at the wedding vow renewal on August 5th 2008.

This is Chris' mom, Mary and myself at the wedding vow renewal August 2008. I am so glad they were able to come. I am still downloading photos onto the desktop, so not including anyone doesn't mean I don't like you, it means I haven't gotten to your photos yet.

Here are Sarah and Lizzie at P.F. Chang's Mother's Day 2008. Beka was there too, but I think she was sleepy so we didn't take a lot of photos of her.

I want to say this is 1982 or 1983. Me and Marjorie. I loved to play with her when I was little. Seeing this makes me think of Sarah with Beka a lot - only Sarah is a lot older than I was when Meg was born.

Here is Matt and myself playing doctor in Arkansas - it was when we were visiting Aunt Nina and Uncle Ed. I think it was 1983. Shortly before they moved to Wichita or Little Rock - it was too long ago to keep straight.

Here are Mom and Bud September 2008 - this was taken at Beka and Lizzie's Fancy Nancy birthday party. Hence the hats. There are more photos from the party on this too.

The front row is Kiernan Trotter who was a junior bridesmaid and is 9 yrs old and Saidra Trotter who was a flower girl with our niece, Xaria. Saidra is 6 yrs old here. On the back row from left to right are Lisa Aragon, Bridesmaid, Sheri Trotter, honorary bridesmaid (she was very pregnant with Davynn Joy), myself, and my Jaymi Smith, my Matron of Honor. I was so glad that our friends and family were able to come and join us to celebrate this great time together.

Here are Lizzie and Uncle Ed at the Fancy Nancy part. Interesting look for him, don't you think?! Uncle Ed is so cool and is great at being silly with children. We love him to pieces (he also officiated at our vowal renewal in August as well as our "family ceremony" in February 2001).

This is me February 17, 2001 at our family ceremony - a month or so after Chris and I were first married in our living room with a judge and Helen and Joe Lane as our witnesses.

Here is Chris at the wedding in August 2008. Doesn't he look wonderfully suave and debonaire? He looked so handsome that day. Even though I was ticked at him most of the day, I forgot it, when I started walking down the aisle towards him.

Here is Lizzie at the Fancy Nancy party. Grammy bought her the wand and she had a ball with it.

Here is Aunt Nina at the party in September. This was a busy summer for us. We had a wedding, family came in to town to help us celebrate it, which was great. I am glad Chris was able to see both Jon and Andy this summer before he deployed.

Here are Xaria Koeppel, and Amanda, Jon's fiance. We look forward to going to their wedding when the time comes. Xaria was one of the bubble girls, the idea was for them to blow bubbles instead of doing flower petals, but we forgot to open the bottle the night before. LOL! So they walked down the aisle clutching their bottles and looking wonderfully adorable.
I will try to update with more photos as I find them and once I have my new ac adapter for my Toshiba.
Love and Prayers,

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