Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Cold Day at Home

As I write this, it is VERY cold! It is currently 24 but the wind chill makes it 12 degrees. So I decided we would be heathens today and stay in. We are having a jammie day and enjoying a quiet day at home. Beka is dancing and singing with her Little Einstein's video which arrived yesterday courtesy of Netflix and the big girls are playing together nicely upstairs. I love it when they get along. We have tea simmering in the tea pot and our pj's on and are just having a nice and uneventful day.

Chris will be in Nebraska February 13 - 18th, then he goes to Indiana. His brother, Jon is hoping to swing around that way since his trucking route goes through Indiana quite a bit. We will go up and meet him February 13th, but we have to return February 16th, because the girls have school the next day and I don't want them to miss anymore school than necessary.

And while I am still unsure if I am a glutton for punishment or inspired, I have decided to homeschool Sarah next year. She needs a few years of being sheltered, since she didn't get much of it during her younger years. Please keep her in your prayers, she is trying to hide it but she is really struggling. She's also been talking to me about why she thinks about suicide so much and that it is getting better. I am glad she chose to share with our youth pastor, Greg that she had been thinking about it. She is a little concerned that it will change how he looks at her, but I spoke with him privately and he's assured me that he doesn't. He doesn't strike me as that kind of man anyway, and I assured her that he didn't think she was a freak. Either way though, she is in therapy and she needs some major prayers.

I know that I usually have pictures up, but I am waiting for my new ac adapter for the laptop. Once I have that, I will be able to post new photos. I have been using the camera, but I can't download onto the desktop with the camera I have. I only have to wait one more week and then I should have received my adapter and I can post photos.

On a nicer note, Sarah has made 5th chair in the Viola section of Orchestra. That is 5th out of 14 other violists. She only was in the last chair last semester because she missed school the day they had their chair test due to an illness. So I am bursting at the seams with pride because she has been working pretty diligently at improving her viola skills. She put in three hours of practice last summer and puts in an hour a day at home during the school year. In fact, on Thursday this week, Sheri and I attended the Honor Roll breakfast at Mayberry to celebrate the kids who made honor roll this last 9 weeks. Sarah was one of them, she had a 3.8 GPA and is now at a 4.0. So we are proud of her. She also decided to surprise me yesterday afternoon by cleaning the living room and dining room. She did a very good job and decorated one the walls with art from her and Elizabeth. She is very creative and talented.

Beka is becoming adjusted to Daddy not being home a little at a time. And Lizzie told Mom yesterday afternoon (we were visiting) that she missed her Daddy. She has also told Mrs. Silveous her special needs teacher that she missed him . Oh and Mrs. Silveous told me that Lizzie is doing very well in Math. I had been concerned because she seemed unable to count to one hundred, but she explained she needs something to keep her focused, otherwise she gets to easily distracted. I was thrilled, because I was considering holding her back, but this helped allay my fears tremendously.

In summary, we are here and doing well. Trying to stay in the game and connected to the world around us. At this point I think we are doing well. I also think it helps that we knew this deployment was coming. Last time, wasn't supposed to happen, he was supposed to be a instructor and not be deployable, and it all fell apart and he was gone within a very short time after he joined the Reserves. This time we knew about 2 years in advance and we had discussed that it wasn't a matter of if he was deployed, but when he would be deployed. I think it makes a huge difference with how one is able to handle things.

I hope you all have a good week. Thank you for your love and prayers.

In Christ,


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