Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and New Years!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. We enjoyed New Years more than Christmas this year. The company was great at Christmas, but Chris was fighting pneumonia. Some people need to get the flu shot, but he isn't one of them, because it makes him very ill. So the Army insisted he had to have a flu shot and now they have put in his record that he is not to receive it anymore because they decided to believe him after seeing how seriously ill he becomes from the shot. However, I have to say, that aside from him being ill, we had a good (if not bittersweet) Christmas. It was great to see my cousin, Dacia and her husband Ken with their little girl Arissa. Mom got out of the house for the first family get together for her since her knee surgery. She seems to be handling the pain better this time.

New Years was good - we spent the evening at my friend, Sheri's home with her family and with Chris' dad, Bill and his nephew, Dakota. It was a visit that sealed the deal that Chris will be visiting his Dad w/o the girls or myself and that Wendy (Bill's wife) is no longer welcome here. She is a pot stirrer who likes to cause trouble and she went too far when she tried to put Sarah in the middle. So we're done - because I am not in high school anymore, and I won't play games with her. She can stay in Iowa and I will stay in Kansas and she just won't see the girls anymore - it's not like she is their grandma really anyway.

Okay so other than that, the girls are all ecstatic to see Chris again. They have missed him a lot. It is going to be very difficult for them when he goes for deployment. However, on a positive note - he is going to talk to his boss about going to first shift. Which I really need him to do. I am a single parent right now, because he is gone when the girls get home and Sarah gets up too early for him to see her.

On several positive notes:

1. We got to see Daddy for Christmas and the girls all enjoyed their presents (okay except Lizzie who was not happy that she got a math video game, but she loves the jammies and her books).

2. We had two whole weeks with Chris alone w/o him going to work which was very nice indeed.

3. We are trading in our Chrysler LHS for a minivan and it should work much better than the Chrysler. I have been talking to Mike for quite a while about getting rid of our car and getting a minivan. I was not happy when I got stuck with the Chrysler, because I need a minivan for sanity reasons and cargo reasons. We have a lot of trouble getting our good stroller into any of our two cars w/o causing the tires to go flat. So I looked around and found a nice 2003 Chevy Venture minivan, it is 5 yrs old w/only 84,000 miles on it, so I am pleased.
They laughed at me at the dealership, because first, I came and brought the following with me:
a) Rebekah and her car seat
b) Sarah and her long legs
d) my desire to find a good van that would work for me and the girls and run well whilst Chris was away.
Then I brought Chris and Bud with me to check it out mechanically. Mike laughed when I told him that the van passed my test and now it had to pass their tests. Between Chris and Bud, they checked; tires, brakes, under the hood, belts, hoses and anything they could think of and test drove it as well. In the deal, the mechanics are going to check out the a/c and make sure it doesn't need a new air compressor or new hoses and that it all works well, because I HATE BEING HOT!!!!! I cannot stress that enough, but even more importantly, Lizzie has asthma and allergies and we can't drive with the windows down and not have both of our allergies and her asthma not flare up. Finally, I prayed a lot about the van and asked God to give me wisdom to know which van was the best one for us. So the shocks are going to be fixed, the a/c gone over with a fine tooth comb and I think I will get a good van out of this.

Well I hope you all have a good week. We are doing doctor's appointments, check ups, and shots this week and I am meeting with Mrs. Shrout from church to talk curriculum for home schooling. Please keep us in your prayers and God bless you all.

Love In Christ,

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