Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bragging rights?!

Okay after the last few entries filled with drama, I have a drama free blog this time. This is about cutie pie, Bekaboo. We have been enjoying having Daddy home lately, especially Rebekah, who is all about Daddy AND Mommy these days. Gosh deployment is going to be so hard on her. Anyway, she has begun to discuss poop and potty and likes to take her diaper off. This usually happens whether the diaper is dry or not or poopy or not. However, today we had just finished changing her and she came to Daddy and kept telling him, "poop, poop." So I told him I thought she might be poopy. Nope, he checked and nothing, a few moments later, she was watching a movie with us and squatted a little and proceded to fill her diaper. Now if she potty trained on her own, I would be ecstatic. I love Lizzie, but potty training her about made me rip my hair out of my head. In her defense though, I did attempt to train her whilst Daddy was deployed the first time. But Beka hates to be wet or poopy and she loves to take off her diaper. The one thing that is going to hold her back I think is that she is afraid of the toilet. So I am going to let her sit on my lap when I go potty and let her help me flush the toilet so she can see it work and stuff.
I swore I was going to wait for Chris to come home before I trained her, but she may do it for me whether he's here or not. We are getting out the potty chair (which Elizabeth refused to use by the way after we shelled out good money for it) and let her see it and sit on it naked. I won't push it, but I won't discourage it either and we'll play it by ear and see what happens. Part of me, hopes it is easy this time and part of me wants her to wait so Chris can actually potty train one of his kids.
I hope you guys like the photo. I found the head bands at the Dollar Tree (I know I am so cheap), and I got a pair for each of the girls. I will try to put some Christmas photos on here soon. I hope you all have a good week.
Love In Christ,

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