Sunday, December 7, 2008

A week gone by

Well this has been a week. Not a good week or a bad week, just a week. Chris left on Monday and Beka woke up that night croupy. So Tuesday we got into the doctor's office and sure enough, she had croup. Shocker! I knew that, Heaven knows I fought it enough when Elizabeth was small. Thank goodness she outgrew it.

Anyway, we spent that week fighting croup and trying to keep Beka happy and get her better. It worked, she is now happy and almost completely healthy. She still isn't 100% but she's getting there. We both take lots of naps and try to rest and stay healthy as much as possible. I take my vitamins and Mom told me about this concoction she used on us when we were little. She ground up and stirred in Vitamin C with 2 cups hot water and boiled it until the chewable tablets were completely dissolved and then added honey to it and put it in a jar. She then fed us a teaspoon each day to help us stay healthy. It worked and we loved the taste, so I am going to buy some Vitamin C in the next few weeks and take care of our Vitamin C needs. Back to my point though, we actually made it to church, which is nice, but I didn't get to stay. Beka needed to go home because she was too restless and wouldn't have been able to sit through the service and I couldn't put her in the nursery - okay I could have, but I wouldn't, since she was still getting over her illness.

I just hope the next two weeks are more uneventful. At this point, I am glad I am doing a good job. I have our bills paid, except for the three I will take care of with Chris' military check in a few weeks. So as of now, we are current until January on our bills. I am actually proud of myself. Last time I didn't do so well. Of course, last time it was very sudden and completely unexpected, this time I have had a year to think about what I want to do and how it needs to go down. Chris' mom is helping me too.

Okay I need to get going. I hope you all have a good week and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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