Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sarah's birthday and Thanksgiving Weekend

This is Sarah with Beka and with Kent our hairdresser. Yes, this is the man responsible for turning Sarah into a bruise - with black and blue hair. He enjoyed doing it and he's great with Lizzie and loves the girls, to pieces - and no he isn't gay.

Here we have Sarah showing off her digital camera - it was a gift from her Mom and Grandma Alice. And this is her with her birthday cake.

We picked her up early from school and took her out to lunch, then we picked up new sneakers for me (mine began to fall apart) at the mall and then took her to Kent to get her hair colored. We meant to go to the Olive Garden, however, Lizzie threw up Sunday morning and her tummy hurt so we went to Taiwan house instead where Lizzie ate Jell-O and Sarah was able to eat for free, since it was her birthday. We ate cake later and Lizzie sadly, went to school Monday, but had to miss Tuesday.

She came home Monday, sick with a fever and was very unruly, so I sent her to bed early. She crashed on me before 7 p.m. So I kept her home on Tuesday. In fact, there is a picture of her a little later here where she's on the couch with the dog.

This is Chris and Sarah at Taiwan House during her birthday lunch.

This is Beka crashed out and she was too cute to not take pictures.

Here is Chris, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Rebekah, the day after Thanksgiving. We had a good day on Thanksgiving. We went to Sheri and Damion's house for lunch and we helped them move on Saturday. They now live North of us, in fact, they live just up the block from us. We spent Friday just enjoying the day together and trying to spend as much time as we can with Chris. He left on December 1st for three weeks of training in Nebraska. He'll be back for Christmas.

Friday night, we played Rummy with Chris and Sarah. Yes, he's wearing clothing -it's a robe. I think he won the main battle, but Sarah and I won a few games. It's fun to watch him and Sarah play together, he loves to try and antagonize her - she's getting pretty good about ignoring him. Now if only she could teach Sheri to ignore him - he can really get her going. It's very entertaining to watch him purposely get her riled up. I think Damion and I have almost as much fun watching him get her all geared up as he has doing it.

Here is Lizzie on the couch with Sofie - who I believe is licking her from her expression. She was home this day sick from school

Here is Sarah playing rummy. She and I still enjoy playing with Chris gone, but it's a lot more fun with more than two people. We had a good time playing cards. Now if only we could get Chris in the mood to play more often. We always have a good time playing, but he only likes to play for so long. Maybe someday, I'll get him and Sarah on video tape doing their little Happy Dance - it is quite amusing.
3, December 2008
Chris is in Nebraska now. It's boring around here. Okay, that's not entirely true - because Monday night about 11:30 Beka woke up croupy. So I spent several hours with her helping calm her and getting a breathing treatment in her. I got her in to the doctor Tuesday morning - she indeed has croup. So the nurse practitioner put her on an oral steroid which she loves, but I love it because I only have to give her medicine once a day instead of four times a day. However, this means I had to pay Allison (she's the teenager who lives around the corner from us) to drive Sarah to her therapist appointment and she's taking her to tomorrow evening's concert since I can't take Beka out and Allison cannot get near Beka. Allison has Cystic Fibrosis, so being around a sick Beka who has a respiratory illness is a very bad idea. So she is Sarah's driver instead. It means I don't have to take Beka out in the cold (and it's going to get very, very cold tonight) and Allison can still earn money without exposing herself to something that could make her either very ill or very dead.
Beka is having a hard time. She misses Chris a lot. She's used to him being her buddy and running around with her often. She actually went to the door today and looked out and called for Daddy and tried very convincingly to say, I miss you. Talk about ripping my heart out - okay she did say it, "I miss you" but most of you won't believe me, but I heard her clear as day. I'm not sure which is worse - when he was gone last time - Lizzie couldn't tell me how much she missed him, she was locked in her own world. Or Rebekah who can tell me she misses her Daddy, but I'm not sure how much she gets that he's going to have to leave us. Either way, each one ripped my heart out. Lizzie, falling apart but unable to talk and Beka who can talk and sort of tell me she misses her Daddy. Now if only I could figure out how to explain it to Beka.
I hope everyone has a good week.
In Christ,

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