Monday, December 8, 2008

Fixing our house

For those of you have been fortunate enough, not to see my house. It is old. I mean truthfully, it is old - it was built in 1911. At first, we thought it might have been a Sears & Roebuck kit house. It has plaster and lathing and cotton for insulation - no kidding - I think it has cotton for insulation in some of the walls.

So Mom's boyfriend Bud, has offered to come and help us make some repairs. Now I love my husband very much, but he is such a huge procrastinator that I have decided to take Bud up on his offer. I really need a house that isn't falling down around our ears. The wall that goes up the stairway is crumbling in several places, and Bud thinks he can fix it, even though he knows that when our tax money comes in, that it means I am going to rip out the plaster and have them reinsulate and put up drywall so that the house is even more energy efficient. I also plan to have them finish the bathroom. This means I am probably going to have them put in a pocket door so I can put a vanity in the bathroom to hold the towels. I have a closet in the foyer that is a coat closet and a pantry in the kitchen that I can't use, because it is still one of Chris' unfinished projects, and 2 small triangular closets that don't go all the way up in my bedroom and one in Sarah's house - oh and the crawl space in Sarah's room that we sometimes use for storage. I love my husband, but I could kill him for buying this house - although, I have to give him props, he finally confessed that had he known that we would live right next to a tornado siren, he would not have purchased this house! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! I told him if he purchased another fixer-upper house that I might go to prison for homicide. He promised he wouldn't do that to us again. Of course, in his defense - when he purchased the house he didn't expect us to marry so quickly and have a baby the same year. He thought he'd have plenty of time to fix the things wrong with it and that he'd sell it before we married.

Anyway, we are going to finish it little at a time and I plan to use our tax money and get as much done as we can so that it is more valuable. Then we might actually stand a chance of refinancing it and paying it off faster. Chris is just glad that we are going to do well enough that it is an option. Last year, we did well enough that we paid for our wedding vow renewal. It was great and worth every penny and all the time it took to make it go smoothly. Even if I did want to call the whole thing off by the time we were finished. It was insane getting it all to come together - it reminded me why we married in our living room in the first place.

Okay enough of my kvetching. I hope you all have a good week.

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