Thursday, July 20, 2017

Changing strategy

I spent my childhood attending public school. I survived, albeit sometimes by the skin of my emotional teeth. Middle school was the pinnacle of the tough times. I am still here but I suppose you could say I am proof of the proverb, That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

The school Elizabeth attended in Wichita, KS was an excellent school for her. I share this because it is easy to assume that as a mom who has homeschooled her girls for six years that I am anti-public school. But I'm not.  I was just against Everett Public schools. I struggled with seeing apathetic teachers walk the halls and listening to educators with a Masters Degree using poor grammar, the list could go on and on, but I'll spare us all that story.

In August 2016 we moved further north from Everett and Seattle and settled in a beautiful small town that quickly felt like home.  The feeling of being home had eluded me since our move.  I found Washington a tough state to enjoy while we stayed living in limbo.  Now that we no longer reside in limbo, I find I LOVE where we live.

All of that to share that after prayer and thinking it over, I asked Chris about placing our girls in the schools here and he agreed. Why now? That is a good question.

1. I felt God prompting me that the time had come to revisit public school as an option.  I was willing to consider this because. . .

2. It no longer feels as if putting our girls in the schools that we would be throwing them to the wolves.

3. Parents here actually teach their children manners and to be kind to others. That was a huge one for me. When we moved to Everett I met many parents who seemed to not care that their child was unkind, or that they bullied others and they themselves behaved just as badly.

4. I LOVE our home and town, so I'm more willing to embrace our girls becoming a part of the community here.

5. The people here are amazing!  When Beka went missing for those horrid 6 hours people on the garage sale groups went out in their cars and began searching as well. People spoke up who saw her so we would know she hadn't been kidnapped.  Living in Everett, I would never have contemplated this as an option. 

5. I am not really a good teacher. I know how to write a term paper, I can outline and take notes like a champ. However,  I cannot figure out how to teach the girls write these.  I want the girls to have a very good education, and I am willing to admit I cannot provide that for them.

6. I am tired. I love spending time with the girls a lot. But I will be honest, I am ready for some quiet time. Time to work on my doTerra business and more importantly time to spend quietly with God. I struggle with both of those right now.

7. The girls are lonely and fighting with each other constantly.  If Beka and her adventure of Lizzie continually falling and crying for attention showed me anything it is that they want more social interaction.  I am a homebody,  so I admit they need friends. I can be a hermit for months on end and not think anything of it. The girls cannot.  So there you have it.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Enjoy your summer.

In Christ,

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Heroes are rare or so the media would have us believe. We rarely hear stories about positive people making a difference in the world. Thankfully, there are new sites dedicating themselves to sharing inspiring and praise filled stories for those who help when others won't.

Maurice Osborne the man in the article above is such a man.  But heroes may also be doing little things that may not seem like a big deal but it helps brighten another's day.

Today I have three heroes. Mr. Osborne who dared to stop a rape in progress, Jake the AAA guy who helped jump start my car after the battery died at the gas station today and my handsome husband, Chris.

Chris is often my hero as it is, but today he came, he didn't say I told you so, or I can't believe you didn't do this. He instead picked us up at McDonald's grabbed a new battery for our Kia and then gave me the Volvo so Beka and I could come home to air conditioning while he made certain the alternator wasn't really the issue.

But he's often the hero of the day. The man who decided to not become his dad and chest or abuse me. The man who makes it his goal to be an A+ dad, despite his own poor example.  He works hard to make sure the girls and I are doing well and taken care of.  He was right beside the nurses helping change the cold towels on my face, hands and arms when I burned myself. He made sure I stopped and rested and still makes sure I get rest as my hands finish healing. It's a million little things that make him not just my best friend and husband but my hero.

Who is your hero? Who inspires you to work hard and try to overcome challenges or who will come along side of you to help with the day to day things that threaten to overwhelm you.

Have a good weekend.
In Christ,